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y la Familia website is dedicated to the descendants of Florencio Rivera Maldonado with the goal of connecting family and friends worldwide, promoting and building family tradition, and providing a platform for sharing family news and history.

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  • The August-September 2015 issue of the newsletter is now posted.
  • This year's reunion will be held in Pennsylvania. Cousin Edwin Rivera Ramos has offered to host. Find detailed information in the current issue of the newsletter.


Besides a new look, the website will be offering up several exciting new features, some of which have to be added over time as time permits:


Website featureWe have made huge progress in getting the family tree online thanks to a website that specializes in publishing family trees. We were able to upload and publish the information maintained by Norma (Garcia) Pettit.

The website, ylafamilia.tribalpages.com, requires registration in order to view private information. Each family member can update their own family's data and upload photos of family members. Everyone is encouraged to register! Please pass this announcement along to everyone in the family.


family resourcesThere are many family members with different skills and talents. Some are lawyers, some are craftsmen....you name it! With a family our size, there is bound to be someone who can do a job for you! But, how will you know? Unless you are close to that family member, you might not know their occupation or whether they would be willing to do a particular job for you.

Our idea is to place ads provided by interested family members on our website. If you have a skill or a business or talent and would like to advertise your availability to the family (family discount appreciated, but not required), then you've come to the right place! See inside!

Another idea: We might want to modify the intent of this area and run classifieds --- Jobs wanted, Items for Sale, etc. Send your thoughts about this.

Our Family's Beginning

Life's beginningFlorencio Rivera Maldonado was born on August 9, 1872. He was the son of Manuel Alejo Rivera and Maria Dominga Maldonado. His paternal grandparents were Don Jose de los Santos (Rivera) and Dona Cipriana Maldonado and maternal grandparents were Felipe (Maldonado) and Maria Polonia Rivera.

There had been some question and confusion about Florencio’s parents because he was said to have been raised by an uncle after he was orphaned, and the only mention of siblings was a younger brother, Juan, who died as a child. As we now know, he had six brothers and sisters, but at least three of them died young, and perhaps Florencio was not close to Dionicia del Carmen, the only sibling that we know for a fact lived into her thirties. Nothing is known of the uncle and aunt that raised Flor after his parents died. It is believed, though, that they also took over the farm that Flor’s father left behind.

Flor is said to have learned to read and write on his own, and to have had nice handwriting. He was tall and thin, had a light complexion with blond hair and blue eyes. He always wore a mustache. He had six children with his first wife and eight with his second wife. Several of his children are still living to this day.

To learn more about Forencio’s life and his descendants, visit the family tree and history center when it is completed.